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A car wash app designed to connect tenants and guests of apartments, condominiums, offices, and retailers with waterless eco-friendly daytime and overnight car washing and detailing services. SpotWash allows anyone in a serviced zip code to obtain a cleaning regardless of the location. This unique business model is based on maximizing convenience: customers can now access ondemand, around the clock car cleaning services via their mobile device. “SpotWash is the Uber of car cleaning services.”

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Business networking powered by altruism and social responsibility. For business professionals, Treble empowers people to leverage their networks for new opportunities and career development. Treble encourages the trusted people in your business network to help you succeed. Using an advanced Network Relationship Manager (NRM), Treble empowers you to efficiently engage, nurture and leverage your network of trusted colleagues to help others and advance your career.

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Focused on empowering cannabis and CBD consumers with the ability to share their personal experiences in an interactive journal on their smartphone and search other recommendations to find the most effective treatment. Tetragram users can keep TRACK of products purchased, RATE the effectiveness in addressing a medical condition, and SHARE their personal experience with others through a mobile app. The aggregate data that Tetragram collects anonymously from its users provides unparalleled insight into understanding the effects of cannabis use, both positive and negative. Tetragram is the next wave in portable diagnostic aids, transforming a user’s phone into a tool vital to their well-being, and an access point to a vast storehouse of knowledge regarding the efficacy of medicinal cannabis.

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Create unique personalized AR experiences wherever a person is using their smartphone’s camera and send them to friends! These experiences can be shared instantly through social media channels or to a personalized group. Magikmo allows users to create unique experiences using AR wherever they are and then share that experience instantly with others. In a world where everyone wants to be a storyteller, Magikmo is the next step in personalized content creation and personal promotion.

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Creating data-rich platforms to help organizations engage audiences online with personalized and branded information. The platform enables enterprise customers to engage and support audiences at scale through a single platform that is easy to navigate and continually updated. Curated information is the core of online community growth and engagement, and EcoMappowered organizations can deepen their connections with their target audiences by making valuable information and data more accessible.

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People don’t know the degree to which their Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage (BFP) impacts their health. Evidence shows strong correlation between BMI + BFP and out-of-pocket costs, missed workdays, type II diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, all-cancer and stroke risk. The Healthreel app provides personalized health information designed to inspire mindful health and fitness decisions using patented technology licensed exclusively from NASA. By using a smartphone‘s camera and proprietary algorithms Healthreel creates the most accurate virtual body composition data on the planet and delivers health and fitness recommendations tailored specifically for you.

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Cide Kic

A visual kitchen management system that applies the latest in machine intelligence to help bring order to a busy professional kitchen. The system is designed to automate and streamline all activities, improve communication with a brigade, and reduce labor and cost of goods in real-time. The goal is to provide management support anywhere and enable better work life balance for the associate, executive chef, general manager, and business owner. Cide Kic is designed by chefs for chefs.

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